What is a Virtual Assistant?

My best definition is a service-based professional who partners with other entrepreneurs to provide operations, administrative, creative or technology support…the things in the background that make your business run…including general, specialty or industry-specific services tailored to virtual and storefront businesses.

Do I really need a virtual assistant?

Have you ever wished you could clone yourself, that you had extra limbs…or just more time? If you’re doing more of the behind-the-scenes work, instead of working your money-making magic, a virtual assistant can be the secret weapon you never knew you needed!

How do I know what kind I need?

That is primarily dependent upon the needs of your industry and what is in line with your business goals. You have a range of options, from generalists to service- or industry-based specialists.

What’s the going rate for a Virtual Assistant?

As an employee, the traditional model is to be paid for your time. With a consultant in the Virtual Assistance industry, you are paying for their expertise…not just their time, but the experience they’ve gained and their high-value support to you as their client.

Why is a consult necessary?

I believe there are several good reasons. It provides a preliminary point of clarity for both parties in terms of expectations, helps me get a feel for your industry, to best determine if my services are a fit for your business needs, and see if we can work well together.







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