Algorithms.  Vanity Metrics.  Likes.  Follows.  Audience.

One of those things is not like the others.  Lemme explain.

There is no shortage of discussion about any of them, but I’d argue that among them, the most important is audience.

Have you ever had your engagement ‘fall off’ without a plausible explanation?  Regardless of which platform you’re on, there will be algorithims, and one tweak can throw off your whole game plan.  They are designed to benefit the platforms’ goals…not yours.

Vanity metrics…likes and follows…have been given emotional values, leaving some to feel defined by them.  People can take them…or the lack thereof…personally, as if it were a reflection of themselves, especially if there are issues of low self-esteem or bullying.

Audience.  These are your people.  The ones who silently ‘stalk’ you online, consume your content, engage in conversation, follow you and generally orbit your aura because they like what you have to say, share your kindred spirit and support your business by sharing your information, purchasing your products, etc.  #ThisIsMe

An audience is why you want to build your email list.  This is where you develop deeper relationships with people who know, like or trust you enough to opt-in.  They are picking up what you’re putting down…don’t sleep on this level of engagement!

Remember the last time a platform went dark?  Were you able to conduct business? Speak to your people?  Are all your eggs in one basket…still?

Build your email list.  I recommend ConvertKit (referral link).   Let’s talk about it!

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