As I sit here brain dumping on a Friday, I thought about myself in terms of responding to the age-old questions: who? what? when? where? why?…and I have answers! 


My name is Yvonne and I’m a Boomer from Brooklyn, baby!


My niche is Technology Virtual Assistance (Tech VA), specializing in implementing strategies, systems and processes.  My superpower is taming your tech with project-based support and platform / profile setups to fill in the gaps in your online presence. 

I’m adding VIP Days to my roster as well as other new services periodically, so stay tuned…better yet, join my list and be among the first to find out!


I’m a night owl, so I’m best productive when most of the world around me is asleep.  Since I work on my own schedule, I can be flexible. 


I work virtually / remotely, but primarily from home, which is perfect for an introvert!


In addition to my 40 years of admin skills, I’m able to combine that with perpetual learning about the tech that helps me support the continual stream of new businesses helps to create a balance of lifestyle that working for someone else most often doesn’t provide. 

I appreciate that you’ve read this far, which leads me to believe you’re intrigued…or at least curious! 🙂 


I partner with small businesses and solopreneurs who need the support of a techie without the expense of an employee.  If this resonates with you, click that big beautiful button below!

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