Well…it’s the day after yet another Facebook and app family outage…y’all alright?

Did you position yourself to be less negatively impacted by this outage than during the last one?

Have you started or nurtured your email list?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO…I’m back to harp on something important.

The short answer I suggest you do ALL these things from a business perspective.

No, I’m not a guru or a coach…but I’ve seen some things, and have valid, unsolicited information just the same. Do with that what you will.

Did you suffer from (increased) anxiety at the inability to connect to your audience / community? You need an online presence. Whether it be a one-pager or full-blown website, landing page, group or community, you need a place where you can reach and be reached by your people.

Social selling is fine…until days like yesterday where you and your audience are unable to communicate with each other.

You need a home of your own where your people can directly connect and engage with you.

If you value quality over quantity or conversions over likes and follows, you need an email list.

Maintain a platform of communication with your clientele and audience. Your email list is a direct line of communication between you and your people.

Treat your business with the respect you expect others to have for it. Put systems in place to prevent as much loss and inconvenience as possible.

I WILL DIE ON THIS HILL, people! When you STAY ready…you don’t have to get ready, wait and wonder, or scrounge to put a contingency plan in place.

P.S.: Also back up your data as well…in case the WHOLE internet decides to take a day off!



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