This post contains my affilate link, which means if you buy the product, they will compensate me for the referral.

After seeing Designrr in my IG feed several times, I was intrigued at how this could help me with content and digital products in areas of my business that require skills I’m striving to learn. Even with the learning curve (because I dove straight in!), I feel like I can expand my personal potential, my list of services and add more pizzazz to my projects!

For instance…I learned how to do this using one of my blog posts:

Two words: content repurposing. If it worked according to plan, you can flip through it just like the pages of a book, view multiple pages at once, and also download it as a pdf with clickable links! Cool, huh?

I geek out about this stuff…and I could be doing this for you!

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