Help me help you!

How may I be of value to you?

‘Rona has many of us preoccupied as we make efforts to readjust to our ‘new normal’. Do you need to retool your Plan B? Thinking about pivoting? Feeling stuck and need to talk it out?

Maybe you never felt the timing was right for other pursuits, but now your time is more flexible. Need to determine your next best step? Ready to take your hobby to the next level or branch out into your own business? Got dreams you’re ready to take off the back burner?

I don’t fancy myself a ‘coach’, but I’m a pretty good listener. I also prefer to think outside the box and consider atypical approaches to find solutions.

If you’d like to brainstorm with me to hash things out, please schedule a free 20-minute consult, which will give some background so I can best provide valuable service to you.

Contact me or feel free to reach out via email.