What’s In a Title?

I am a consultant in the virtual assistance industry. What does that title mean? For some, that phrase draws a blank stare; for others, it’s music to their ears! Your first instinct may be to think of a secretary or administrative assistant, but it can run the gamut from admin to a variety of specialists/specialties, and almost everything in between.

The edict is that I must niche down to the industry I wish to serve in order to find the people who are most likely to need and pay for my services; that makes perfect sense. However, my approach is to niche down by specializing in services at a variety of levels. My goal is to provide the best possible value by meeting people where they are and working with them to build their businesses.

To me, one of the most important aspects of this industry is relationship-building. I recently heard it referred to as ‘dating’ by Toni Harris Taylor, and I think that sounds like the perfect analogy.

In the working world, we have all been conditioned to make associations by title. If I can help you achieve the results you need…does it really matter what my ‘title’ is? FYI: currently, I prefer #VirtualSecretWeapon or #TheWhisperer.

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