What the Font?

I randomly happened upon Canva, and I’m glad I did! It’s perfect for non-techies and non-graphic designers like me to help create beautiful visuals to share, and it’s relatively easy to customize with a wide variety of templates. I generally use it most for social media graphics like Instagram and LinkedIn, but most recently used a menu template to revamp one of my brand entities’ handouts!

If you’re not well-versed in typography or need help finding a combination of fonts that speaks for you, check out Canva’s font combinations suggestions! I believe the font, size, and color thereof, (as well as the background), is as important as the image and message. There have been times that I’ve clicked away from a website or had to throw out a printable because it was a strain to read. I’m not a fan of small, light print; primarily because my eyes aren’t as young as they used to be! 😉

Still flummoxed by fonts? In addition to a few Microsoft Word and Google Docs fonts I chose, you can also find an extensive selection of Google Fonts, as well as free and paid font families on MyFonts.com, both of which I have used. Bonus: you can check out how your font looks in your own text in real-time! Some fonts you may even find across all three, giving you more options to achieve a cohesive look.

To all my printable peeps: please be sure to check that your message reads and prints well. Whether free or paid-for content, the impression that makes is the same. Don’t lose the impact of your message in the delivery!