Stand Out? Fit In? BOTH?

I’ve spent the better part of this year with earphones in one ear, devouring free webinars, trainings, conferences, summits and services regarding various subjects and speakers in relation to the virtual assistance industry, the people they serve and the myriad of services available.

There are many, MANY voices in this space, and if you’re not careful, just as in any other industry, you could drown in the sea of information. I am fortunate enough to be able to ‘listen under the noise’ to get the nuggets of info I need that fit into my vibe.

The tenets of the industry strongly suggest ‘niching’ to where you serve a fairly specific core group of people. While I understand that on its surface, it seems to rub me the wrong way. I’m of the mindset where I’d rather ‘niche’ my services than my audience. I have a tendency to wanna buck the system…for better or worse; think that comes from Mom teaching me not to follow the crowd. 😉

I believe equally as strongly that the alternative is viable as an exception to the rule. After all, learning things about the industry, and about myself, is all a part of the journey, yes?

Guess I’ve always been ‘different’ and do occasionally march to the beat of my own drum! Where are my people? Where is my tribe?