Get Organized!

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Printables & Fillables

I trust you’ve put your printable weekly schedule pages to good use; maybe for after-school or sports activities, deadlines…or even chores!

You also received corresponding fillables. If you’re not quite sure how to best use them to your advantage, this should help!

The form was created from a template in Canva, and I kicked it up a notch to make it fillable in Nuance Power PDF Advanced.

Once you open the fillable pdf, click into any field and type. Under the text field format tab, you’ll find the font name and size options, as well as text color choices. Go crazy and make them your own!

Disclaimer: I haven’t researched all pdf platform options, but assume they all work in a similar fashion. If you hit a snag, please let me know!

With each document in different colors, you can also color-code by person or activity! Cool, huh?

I hope this has provided value. Stay tuned…