Get Your Own Platform!

I heard Facebook and Instagram had quite the hiccup yesterday and were inoperable for several hours! I wonder how much loss of time and revenue that translated to for people who primarily use them for business? #WhatMeWorry? #AlfredENeuman

Social media can be an impactful tool, but is not initially structured for conducting business (likes + follows ≠ cash). I’ve found that in my life as a virtual consultant, and in my other life, ownership of your content and email list is critical, and the lifeblood of your business.

Some small investments early on in establishing yourself as a business are your own domain, website and email. In its simplest form: domains are your .com; your website is where people find out about you; email is how they contact and communicate with you.

Don’t be intimidated by needing a website. I’m no techie, so WordPress’ drag and drop technology works well for me! At the very least, you could start with a one-pager / landing page, and add a form to collect a name and email in exchange for a valuable nugget of info.

I use Mailchimp to build my email list. Their tutorials and the learning curve of each is such that I can continue to refine my knowledge, as well as delve into additional trainings available by specialists.

WordPress and Mailchimp are some of the most popular platforms / services. By learning them in depth, as a virtual consultant, I can provide them as a service and / or support package to busy entrepreneurs…like YOU!

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