New and Improved!

Greetings and welcome to my newly re-created website!

The name’s the same, but I’ve moved to WordPress. I had to rebuild the website, so thank goodness for drag and drop technology!

Lemme take you on a page tour…

Welcome!: Hello! Hey! Hi! How ya doin’?

About: what a virtual assistant is…and isn’t.

Services: the components to create packages with.

Packages: created from services you need; with a variety of options.

Client Housekeeping: a gentle reminder that anything outside the scope is extra.

Testimonials: kind words from my raving fan base!

Privacy Policy: the legal stuff, primarily pertaining to data usage, cookies and the like.

Contact: the best ways to reach me: email, schedule a consult or get on my mailing list.

Posts: whatever pops into my head that I think is either helpful, hilarious or both. 😉