My first client was…me!

I say this, of course, with great deference to my first actual paying client!

Having a fondness for all things office began as a kid, which probably stems from school shopping for notebooks, pens, pencils and such. My mother instilled in me a love of reading and writing, making sure my penmanship was A+. Can’t draw to save my soul, but I love to doodle and write!

My employment life has centered around an office environment, from reception to legal assistant, and a variety of related things in between. The skills I’ve learned are invaluable, and have found them to be assets to my other lives as a crochet teacher & designer and life-long student!

Over the years, I’ve used my skills to create flyers, documents, templates, outlines, procedures for routine tasks and patterns, which I use for teaching and structuring my classes.

Truth be told, I really geek out over typing and setting up processes and systems for routine work, especially administrative tasks…that’s my jam!